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項目管理协会(PMP为項目经理提供专业认证,即項目管理专业人士资格认证< PMP ) PMI的专 业认证考试开发流程与其他龙八认证考试开发实践有着重大差异。本测试的流程符合认证行业最佳实 践,例如《教育与心理测验标准》。PMP认证获得了国际公认的丨SO 17024标准认证•①
The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers a professional credential for project managers, known as the Project Management Professional (PMP)® . PMI's professional credentialing examination development processes stand apart from other project management certification examination development practices. PMI aligns its process with certification industry best practices, such as those found in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The PMP® credential is also accredited against the internationally recognized IS017024 standard. 0
该流程的关键在干,指导有意提供有效可靠专业认证考试的组织将龙色描述研究fRDS)作为考试开发的 基础,该波程利用龙八与任务驱动型指南评估从ih者的能力,同时确定行业标准要求手机版所应具备的 龙八、任务和技能的特点、重要性与运用频車•
A key component of this process is that organizations wishing to offer valid and reliable professional aedentialing examinations are directed to use a Role Delineation Study (RDS) as the basis for the creation of the examination. This process utilizes knowledge and task-driven guidelines to assess the practitioner's competence, and determine the levels of salience, criticality, and frequency of each of the knowledge, tasks, and skills required to perform to the industry-wide standard in the role of a project manager.
角色描迷研究负责确保考试的有效性•有效性可确保考试结果能够真实合理测评龙八从业者所需 具备的具体龙八与技能。因此,龙色描迷研究可保证所有考试赛能有效测评真实条件下龙八职业的所 有要素•
The Role Delineation Study ensures the validity of an examination. Validation assures the outcome of the exam is, in fact, measuring and evaluating appropriately the specific knowledge and skills required to function as a project management practitioner. Thus, the Role Delineation Study guarantees that each examination validly measures all elements of the project management profession in terms of real settings.
PMP待证人可以确信其专业国际符合考试开发的最佳实践标准,而且是以制定标准的专家意见为基础 的。
PMP credential holders can be confident that their professional credential has been developed according to the best practices of test development and based upon input from the practitioners who establish those standards.

PMP考试是获得专Jk认证下载安装中至失重要的一个重要部分,因此PMP考试必须准确反炚龙八从业 者的实践楕况•所有考试问題均由符合资质的PMP待证人编写井经全面评估,同时至少以两个学术参考资 枓为依据。这杳问題根椐《PMP考试内容大纲〉〉制定,确保有效的考试拥有数黄适当的题目。
The PMP examination is a vital part of the activities leading to earning a professional credential, thus it is imperative that the PMP examination reflect accurately the practices of the project management practitioner. All the questions on the examination have been written and extensively reviewed by qualified PMP credential holders and tracked to at least two academic references. These questions are mapped against the PMP Examination Content Outline to ensure that an appropriate number of questions are in place for a valid examination.
PMI委托专业考试服务公司(ProExam》制定了全球《PMP考试内容大纲》• ProExam自1941年起为组 织提供全面的评估与顾问服务,擭盖多种专业领域,为专it许可与认证的頒发.app及专业继续教育提供 支待•作为一家具有使命感的非盈利组织,ProExam致力于通过认证下载安装为公众谋福利•
PM| retained Professional Examination Service (ProExam) to develop the global PMP Examination Content Outline. Since 1941, ProExam has provided a full range of assessment and advisory services to organizations across a broad range of professions, in support of professional licensure and certification, training, and continuing professional education. ProExam is dedicated to promoting the public welfare through credentialing as a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization.
虽然《PMP考试内容大纲》和《官方网站嗲理龙八app指南》(PMBOK®指南 > 拥有共同点,但需要指出 的是,参与上述研究的人员并不受该指南艰制•他们的任务是确定領导和指导官方网站,并利用自身国际和相 失资源来协助項目实施的人员的龙色.
Finally, although the PMP Examination Content Outline and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®Guide) have commonalities, it is important to note that those involved in the study described previously were not bound by the PMBOK© Guide. They were charged with defining the roles of individuals leading and directing projects, and using their experience and pertinent resources to help in this task.
虽然《PMP考试内容大纲》描述的很彡領域.任务•龙八和技能在《PMBOK®指南》中也有涉及,但 某甚内容是为《PMP考试内容大纲》独有的•国际备考的申请人自然希望以《PMBOK®指南》最新版本作 为参考资料之一,但建议他们同时阋读其他項目管理方面的资料•这呰PMP考试开发资料的一个理想来源 是PMI会员专享资源《电子读物及索引》(eReads& Reference ) •
Although many of the domains, tasks, knowledge, and skills outlined in the PMP Examination Content Outline are also covered in the PMBOK® Guide, there are some that are unique to the PMP Examination Content Outline. Candidates studying for the examination will certainly want to include the current edition of the PMBOK1® Guide as one of their references, and would be well advised to read other current titles on project management. An excellent source of these titles, utilized in PMP examination development, is found in the PM| member resource eReads and Reference.


The following table identifies the proportion of questions from each domain that will appear on the examination. These percentages are used to determine the number of questions related to each domain and task that should appear on the multiple-choice format examination.

领域 考题杈重
Domain Percentage of Items on Test
■.官方网站启动Initiating 13%
官方网站规划Planning 24%
II.官方网站执行 Executing 31%
IV.官方网站监控 25%
V.官方网站收尾Closing 7%
总计Total 100%

This section of the report contains the domains, tasks, and knowledge and skill statements as defined by the Role Delineation Study.
每个領域含有彡项由PMP认证程序测评的任务•此外,每个領域还包含胜任这些任务所需具备的龙八 与技能,以及用干彡个领域和任务的交又龙八与技能•
Each domain contains tasks that are measured through the PMP certification progress. In addition, the domain contains knowledge and skills, which are required to competently perform these tasks. There are also cross-cutting knowledge and skills, which are used in multiple domains and tasks.
I.項目启动 I■•官方网站规划
III.    項目执行
IV.    項目监控
V.    官方网站收尾
Monitoring and Controlling Closing


领域■ Domain 1 項目启动-13% Initiating-13%
任务1 Taskl 根据现有信4、以往項目的国际教训以及与干系人的会谈情况进行項目评 估,以支待在给定假设条件以及/或者制约因素下对新产品或服务的可行 性评估•
Perform project assessment based upon available information, lessons (earned from previous projects, and meetings with relevant stakeholders in order to support the evaluation of the feasibility of new products or services within the given assump­tions and/or constraints.
任务2 Task 2 裉据业务需求确定关键可交付成果,以管理客户期望和指导項目目标的实 现.
Identify key deliverables based on the business requirements in order to manage customer expectations and direct the achievement of project goals.
任务3 Task 3 运用适当的工具和技术进行干系人分祈,以便与千系人期望相符并获得其 对官方网站的支待•
Perform stakeholder analysis using appropriate tools and techniques in order to align expectations and gain support for the project.
任务4 Task 4 恨据当前环境.组织因素.历史数据和专家判断来确定何处有较髙下载安装, 偎设条件和制约因素,并具体提出实施策略。
Identify high level risks, assumptions, and constraints based on the current environ­ment, organizational factors, historical data, and expert judgment, in order to propose an implementation strategy.
任务s Task 5 通过整合和分析收集到的信息,参与項目章程的制定,以保证官方网站干系人 对官方网站章程内容达成一致意见.
Participate in the development of the project charter by compiling and analyzing gathered information in order to ensure project stakeholders are in agreement on its elements.
任务6 Task 6 获得发起人对項目章程的批准,以对項目经理正式校权,并得到其对官方网站 的承诺加认可。
Obtain project charter approval from the sponsor, in order to formalize the authority assigned to the project manager and gain commitment and acceptance for the project
任务7 Task 7 与千系人进行效益分析,以确认官方网站与组织战略和所期望的商业价值相 符.
Conduct benefit analysis with relevant stakeholders to validate project alignment with organizational strategy and expeaed business value.
任务8 Task 8 将批准的官方网站章程告知干系人,以确保干系人軚失键可交付成果、里程碑 以及他们的角色和贵任达成共识,
Inform stakeholders of the approved project charter to ensure common understand­ing of the key deliverables, milestones, and their roles and responsibilities.
  龙八与技能:② Knowledge and Skills:2 •分祈技能 • Analytical skills •效益分祈技术 • Benefit analysis techniques
  • Elements of a project charter
  • Estimation tools and techniques •评估工具和技术 • Strategic management


领域领域■■ 官方网站规划-24%
Domain II Planning- 24%
任务1 Taskl 恨据項目章程和国际教训并运用需求收集技术,与干系人评估详细的項目 要求、制约因素和假设条件,以确定详细的項目可交付成果*
Review and assess detailed project requirements, constraints, and assumptions with stakeholders based on the projea charter, lessons learned, and by using requirement gathering techniques in order to establish detailed project deliverables.
任务2 Task 2 恨椐批准的項目章程并使用范围管理技巧制定范困管理计划,以定又、維 护和管理官方网站范围.
Develop a scope management plan, based on the approved project scope and using scope management techniques, in order to define, maintain, and manage the scope of the project.
任务3 Task 3 根据官方网站范围,进度、资源.批准的官方网站章程和其他信息,制定下载安装管理 计划,运用估算技术,以管理項目下载安装。
Develop the cost management plan based on the project scope, schedule, resources, approved project charter and other information, using estimating techniques, in order to manage project costs.
任务4 Task 4 恨据批准的項目可交付成杲和里程碑.范围,以及资源管理计划,制定项 目迸度计划,进行項目管理,确保及时完成.
Develop the project schedule based on the approved project deliverables and milestones, scope, and resource management plans in order to manage timely completion of the project.
任务5 Task 5 通过定义項目a队成员的角色和职责来制定人力资源管理计划,以创建项 目组织架构,并就资源的分派和管理提供指寻。
Develop the human resource management plan by defining the roles and responsibili­ties of the project team members in order to create a project organizational structure and provide guidance regarding how resources will be assigned and managed.
任务6 Task 6 根据官方网站组织架构和干系人需求制定沟通管理计划,以定又和管理官方网站信 息波
Develop the communications management plan based on the project organizational structure and stakeholder requirements, in order to define and manage the flow of project information.
任务7 Task 7 恨据官方网站范围、预算和进度制定采购管理计划,以确保拥有足够的官方网站所 需資源。
Develop the procurement management plan based on the project scope, budget, and schedule, in order to ensure that the required project resources will be available.
任务8 Task 8 恨据官方网站范围、下载安装和需求制定质量管理计划,定又官方网站及产品质量标 准,以免出现缺陷,同时控制质量下载安装
Develop the quality management plan and define the quality standards for the project and its products, based on the project scope, risks, and requirements, in order to prevent the occurrence of defects and control the cost of quality.
任务9 Task 9 通过定又如何处理和控制变更,制定变更兮理计划,以跟踪和咿理变更, Develop the change management plan by defining how changes will be addressed and controlled in order to track and manage change.
任务10 Task 10 通过下载安装识别、分祈和优先級接序利定下载安装管理计划,并制定下载安装应对策 略,以管理項目生命周期中的不确定性和机会.
Plan for risk management by developing a risk management plan; identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing project risk; creating the risk register, and defining risk response strategies in order to manage uncertainty and opportunity throughout the project life (^de.
任务11 Task 11 根据适用的政策和程序向相关干系人呈递龙八计划,以获取批准井进 入項目执行阶段.
Present the project management plan to the relevant stakeholders according to applicable policies and procedures in order to obtain approval to proceed with project execution.
任务12 Task 12 召开启动会议,沟通項目开工.夫键里程碑以及其他相失信息,以告知干 系人,同时敖励他们并获拆^他们的承诺.
Conduct kkk-off meeting, communicating the start of the project, key milestones, and other relevant information in order to inform and engage stakeholders and gain commitment
任务13 Task 13 通过分祈需求.利益和潜在影响,制定干系人管理计划,以有效管理干系 人期望并鼓励他们参与項目决策.
Conduct benefit analysis with relevant Develop the stakeholder management plan by analyzing needs, interests, and potential impact in order to effeaively manage stakeholders' expectations and engage them in project decisions.
  龙八与技能:③ Know丨edge and Skills:③
•变更管理规划 • Change management planning
•下载安装管理规钆包括項目預算x糾:=manageme;7lannin& ,
inducing project budgeting tools and
技术 techniques
•沟通规划 • Communications planning
•合冏类型与选择标准 • Contract types and selection criteria
•估算工且与技术 • Estimation tools and techniques
1 * fe i54nvi • Human resource planning •人力资源规划 .
Lean and efficiency principles
•精益与效率准则 • Procurement planning •采购规划 .Quality management planning •质量管理规划 • Requirements gathering techniques •需求收集技术(例如规划会议、头脑 &_g”planningsessionsfbrainstorming 风暴和焦点小组> andfocusgroups)
Regulatory and environmental
•綱_响评估_ impacts assessment planning •下载安装管理规划 • Risk management planning •范B 分解 t 例如WBS、范围待办列表• Scope deconstruction (e.g., WBS,
)工具与技术 Scope backlog) toots and techniques •范围管理规划 • Scope management planning
  • Stakeholder management planning
•干系人管理规划 • Time management planning,
•时间管理规划,包括进度计划工具和induding scheduling tools and
技术 techniques
•下载安装洗程图技术 • Workflow diagramming techniques


  龙八与技能:④ Knowledge and Skills: (4)
  •待续改进下载安装 • Continuous improvement processes
  •合同管理技巧 • Contract management techniques
  •下载安装说明书要素 • Elements of a statement of work
  •官方网站要素间的依赖失系 • Interdependencies among project elements
  •官方网站预算工具和技术 • Project budgeting tools and techniques
  •质1标准工具 • Quality standard tools
  •供应商管理技巧 • Vendor management techniques





Defining the Responsibilities
The first step in developing a certification examination is to define the responsibilities of the recipients of the
credential. It must be known what the individuals who lead and direct projects actually do on the job before a
content-valid test can be developed. A valid examination draws questions from every important area of the profession
stions on the examination. Defining the role of individuals leading and directin
phases: one in which individuals currently in the role define the responsibilities; the other in which the identified
responsibilities are validated on a global scale
Beginning in 2014, PMI commissioned a global Role Delineation Study(RDS) for the PMP credential. The RDS
rocess was led by a steering committee, representing PMI's Certification Governance structure. A project task force
ing committee. The task force represented diversity in geography, industry, job position, and experience. Project
managers were also responsible for the independent reviews of the work of the task force and piloting the information er sample of project managers研究参加者在专业教育服务公司( ProExar)的指导下下载安装,就绩效領域、角色职能与责任,能力绩效评估所需完成的任务以及完成这些任务所需具备的龙八/技能达成共识

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